360° PharmMedTech Monthly Bulletin
GervanoRA keeps 24*7 track of all the events taking place in PharmMedTech world, and help clients in their decision making process.
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Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies are science-based innovations with the potential to create a new industry or transform an existing one.
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Deals and Acquisitions
GDS provides an extensive list of deals, which can be segregated into pharma, medical device and biotechnology sectors
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Pipeline Analysis Report
Pipeline Analysis provides an in-depth knowledge of all the upcoming competitors in a therapy area

Pharmaceutical Sector

GervanoRA Data Services operates in a niche segment, with specific focus exclusively on the Healthcare domain.

Medical Device Sector

GDS’ expert team can provide accurate, quality data and customized market insights to all medical device industry clients.

Country Insights

Country Insights report gives complete information on healthcare industry, policies, and regulations along with the PESTLE analysis

Pharma Reports

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Medical Device Reports

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GervanoRA Data Services LLP is a premier provider of syndicated research reports, custom research reports, and consulting services, based in Goa.

GDS aims to deliver a complete packaged solution, which combines current market intelligence, statistical anecdotes, technology inputs, valuable growth insights, aerial views of the competitive framework, and future market trends.

At GervanoRA Data Services, we’re playing our part to help clients stay ahead of the curve. We collaboratively work with a wide range of organizations to garner valuable key insights.

GervanoRA Data Services plans to work with a wide variety of client industry sectors across the globe. Currently, GDS’ expert team extends its expertise in the Pharmaceutical and Medical devices sectors.

GervanoRA Data Services understands that maintaining proximate links with its customers and understanding their individual market requirements is essential to designing delivery solutions to meet their specific needs.

Upcoming sectors:

  • Industrial Automation and Equipment
  • Electronics, Semiconductors, and ICT
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Energy, Mining, Oil, and Gas
  • Chemicals and Materials
  • Services and Utilities
  • Food and Beverages